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Submit your obituary from Owosso, Corunna or anywhere and we will publish at no cost. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of all those lost in our community.

Benjamin E. Burgess, 84, of Owosso

Merle L. Linzey, 82, of Owosso

Mona J. Rothley, 75, of Owosso

Mary A. Geiling, 86, of Owosso

William L. Numerick, 91, of Owosso

William E. Conn, 79, of Owosso

Ellen Maurer, 92, of Owosso
Beulah M. Bayless, 97, of Corunna

Kathie L. Robinson, 74, of Owosso

Jo-Ann F. Lott, 86, of Owosso